Medical Tourism Insurance
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Medical Tourism Insurance

Why Buy Medical Tourism Insurance?

Whatever the reason you decide to pursue Medical Tourism, complications are always a possibility. When a medical procedure is performed abroad, there is normally no insurance coverage to protect you if you have complications.
Bordercross WorldwideSM medical tourism insurance is the first plan to help with the needs of a medical tourist. Our plan protects you for medical complications and provides travel assistance services.
Maximum Trip Length: 60 days

Comprehensive coverage

Bordercross Worldwide Key Highlights:
Medical Complications Up to $50,000
Trip Cancellation Up to $40,000 for you and your traveling companion for travel accommodations, including non-refundable expenses paid to the medical facility scheduled to perform the procedure, in the event you need to cancel your trip prior to your scheduled departure date
Medical Coverage Up to $50,000 for acute illness and injuries for you and your traveling companion, which may arise on your medical tour
Medical Evacuation Up to $100,000
Coverage Available for medical procedures performed outside the United States
Travel Assistance Services Included- Available 24/7/365