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Renew Travel/Visitors Insurance Coverage – IMG plans

Travel Health Quote includes every scenario an insured person traveling abroad may encounter. It is possible to get coverage as a (Foreign National/ US citizen) traveling to the Canadian provinces, Long term travel Insurance, or take advantage of International Group Travel Insurance. People do not always travel alone and it is important for insurance coverage to be versatile.

If you are fortunate and have this coverage, you want to maintain the policy and a few renewal items apply. It is suggested by the company to renew in advance. This prevents the possibility of delays in coverage of confusion on policy renewal dates. In addition, eligibility requirements do not change. They remain in effect if a policy is to be renewed.

Visitors Care offers a 5-day expansion or as much as 12 months. This transmits up to 24 months, but this is the maximum. Many students backpack across the globe and parents feel better knowing there is insurance coverage to protect them. Patriot travel & VMP & Student insurance offers a one month to up to three years as a total extension. However, for renewal advantages there is a fee of $5each time visitor Care and Patriot Travel and its companion are renewed.

If a policy should lapse, customer have the option of reapplying. However, the preexisting condition clause will take effect. The online renewal service offers convenient extension of coverage from any point on the globe with internet service.

Renewing or purchasing any insurance policy requires the same thing. It is necessary to have CC information, identification and the birthday of the person responsible for payment of the policy. This of curse is the primary cardholder. Travel insurance has a few restrictions but it is important to renew on the designated dates or the privilege to renew is lost. Many insurance policies if there is a prior condition, a lapse the policy may cause difficulty in being re-insured.

Travel Health Quote covers students, missionaries, Expatriate and Schengen Visa travel. If you are concerned about a health condition flaring up while traveling there is evacuation insurance as well as coverage to protect your vacation in case of events beyond your control. Many things can ruin a well-planned holiday and it is great when recuperation from loss is possible. It is always preferable that things go well, but just in case Insurance Travel Health Quote is in the business of keeping things covered.

Important information to renew the current Visitors Insurance policy

  1. Visitors Care – The option for online extension of 5 days up to 12 months and up to a maximum total of 24 continuous months
  2. Patriot Travel & VMP & Student plans has online extension of minimum 1 month to 2 or 3 yrs for Patriot Platinum total years.
  3. There is a $5 renewal fee every time you renew the above #1 & #2 travel/Visitors insurance policy.
  4. Global Medical Insurance (GMI) – You must continue to meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the policy in order to renew.
  5. We suggest renewing your policy a day before the policy expiration date.
  6. Once the policy expires you no longer option to renew. In such cases you may apply for a new policy and pre-ex condition may apply. Please click to Re-apply the new policy–

Please have the following information ready to renew the policy

  1. Current I.D./Certificate number (Make sure you enter the certificate number as it is including the dash).
  2. Birthdate ( Primary Insured's)– Date of birth should be entered as ( mm/dd/yyyy)
  3. Credit Card Informatio
Plan Name Plan Renewal Links
Visitors Care® Renew Visitors Care Insurance Online
Visitors Medical Protection(VMP) Renew Visitors Medical Protection Online
Patriot America & International Travel Insurance Renew Patriot America Insurance Online
Patriot Platinum America or International Travel Insurance Renew Patriot Platinum Insurance Online
Patriot GoTravelSM America or International Travel Insurance Renew Patriot GoTravel America Online
Global Medical Insurance® (GMI®) Renew Global Medical Insurance® Online
Patriot Exchange Renew Patriot Exchange Insurance Online
Patriot Group Exchange Program Renew Patriot Exchange Insurance Online
Student Health Advantage Renew Patriot Exchange Insurance Online
Note: Call: 1-800-344-9540 in USA & Canada or 1.847.897.5120 Out the USA, if need any help.