MedEvac Annual or Per Trip Plans with Medical Benefits
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MedEvac Annual or Per Trip Plan

For US and Canadian residents.Coverage applies when 100 miles or more from home. Low cost Unlimited Emergency evacuation & Repatriation plan which also covers $50,000 of Medical expenses for US & Canadian citizens traveling worldwide(Including Home Country). Is ideal for individuals who travel internationally and/or for business reasons on a regular basis. Annual plans include 365 days of coverage for trips. In order for all services and insured benefits to be in effect, you must be traveling at least 100 miles from your permanent residence.

  • For US/Canadian residents traveling 100+ miles from home
  • Transportation to the nearest medical facility and then home
  • Optional Sports Adventure Rider coverage
  • Available for an annual or per trip plan
  • Get up to $50,000 in medical benefits
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