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For over 38 years, we have been providing travelers with a peace of mind and security. For low cost travel insurance/visitors care insurance, sign on with Travel Health Quote, the required amounts of coverage you receive will depend on the policy you select so we will use our extensive experience to recommend the ideal plan for your next trip. In addition to regular foreign visitors insurance, we also offer long-term, expatriate, international group and student travel insurance as well as visitors insurance coverage for parents or relative visiting USA/Canada. For those with preexisting conditions, we offer visitor care insurance and United States citizen travel plans. Furthermore, trip cancellation, medical evacuation and state-to-state coverage can all be incorporated into the visitors care coverage plans. For United States citizens, immigrants or those with an H1 Visa Status, long term individual and family, short term individual and family and dental and vision individual and family plans are available. Travel Health Quote Offers three easy steps to get visitor insurance quote, Compare plans and Apply Online.

For international travel or visitors to the United States, we recommend Allianz, Azimuth Risk Solutions, Frontier Medex (A division of United HealthCare Global), International Medical Group, MH Ross Travel Insurance and Trawick International. For domestic travel insurance, we recommend Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Guardian, Principal, United Health Care, Starmark and Trustmark Companies. Travel Health Quote also offers many additional services for those who sign-up with them. These include a U.S.A nationwide PPO network, international provider access and the ability to print ID cards, access or create an embassy letter, easily renew plans online or access USA visitors and Europe travel insurance plans. For those traveling from the United States aboard, the trip requires extensive planning and finding the best international medical insurance can add another hectic aspect to the trip. As a result, TravelHealthQuote offers numerous overseas health insurance plans can that be selected based on the type of overseas travel. The type of insurance will vary depending on the destination, duration and activities that have been planned. It is critical that an Overseas Medical Insurance plan be comprehensive in the event that one of the travelers is seriously injured or becomes ill and require emergency medical care in addition to hospitalization. It is always advisable that ensure you select the correct insurance plan to cover all possible contingencies. IMG Travel Insurance standard benefits include accidental and sickness medical expenses from $25,000 to $8,000,000, no deductible required, emergency and non-emergency medical evacuation options, around the clock support and assistance, emergency dental expenses and accidental death and dismemberment. Whichever plan you select to buy visitor insurance for your specific traveling requirements, it is always important to have insurance when traveling abroad outside or inside of the United States.

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More people than ever before are looking to get their visitor insurance through a leader in low-cost overseas travel help. With a specialized focus on visitors with health care needs inside the USA and all around the world, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality services in travel insurance and care for travelers.

We offer plans for just about any budget imaginable, helping to make travel easier and more affordable when help is needed the most. Across our various programs, we're able to offer complete health and medical insurance coverage for anyone visiting destinations within the USA, as well as programs that work overseas to ensure smooth continuity of care. You need security that you can actually rely on to protect you, and that's exactly what we provide.

As a pioneer within the international travel and medical insurance industry, we've focused our efforts on keeping costs low while still providing the necessary coverage to deal with unexpected emergencies. From couples who are traveling on their own to parents that want to look out for their children, our plans are tailored specifically to meet the needs of our customers - and those who have it are glad if they ever need it.

Overseas medical costs can be difficult to estimate and even more difficult to pay - after all, while people may compare prices for a procedure they're planning on having, not too many people go as far as researching the costs for emergency care while they're on vacation. From relatively minor ailments to major injuries that need top-notch care, we can provide a safety net that keeps savings (and bodies) intact.

To help our customers make the best decisions, we've put together a quote form that can quickly and clearly explain each detail of the relevant plans. Meanwhile, customers who'd prefer to have more personalized help can contact one of our representatives and talk about each individual plan. When put together, these options help to ensure that each customer get a plan that matches their needs, balancing risks and costs to create the most affordable plan for any given trip.

It doesn't hurt to be prepared for the unexpected, and some places won't even allow travelers inside unless they can provide proof of insurance. Nobody should find their vacation ruined because of things like that, and we can make sure that things like this don't happen. Don't put yourself or your family at risk when a better option is available.

You can learn more about the current plans and their intended uses by exploring our website and talking to our representatives - and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the insurance you're getting. Making sure that your plan fits your needs is one of the best ways to get what you need at a price you can afford.